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Mulder and Scully Welcome to THE X-PHILES! Please take your time to browse through the extensive fanfic archive ... if you can't decide on which story to read, be sure to take advantage of the Random Fanfic option. You could also refresh your memory with the episode guides, astound yourself (!) with the trivia and test your knowledge with the quiz. If you just can't wait for those new X-Files, I suggest you stay tuned for the spoilers section (coming soon!!) ... also coming soon is a humour section, so make sure you bookmark this page!! During your visit you can also mingle with fellow X-Philes in the chatroom and make a statement on the discussion board. There's loads more to do, so just look around! I'd appreciated any comments you

may have (send to If you have would like to contribute fanfic, trivia, pictures etc., please use the contribute form. If you like what you see, you may be interested in joining my mailing list.Thanks for coming, I hope you enjoy your stay!

  • New fanfic added 11th August
  • New trivia added 2nd August

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