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Engage The Truth
Unisex Bathrooms and Teenage Vampires

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X-Files/Star Trek
X-Files/Ally McBeal
X-Files/Power Rangers

TITLE: Engage the Truth.<~~~ click to read
RATING: PG-13, for language only. CATEGORY: H (parody), Crossover. SPOILERS: Lots of 'em but they really don't matter. DISCLAIMER: None of these characters belong to me. Too bad. I could do lots of interesting things with them ... just like I do with my action figures. AUTHOR'S NOTE: This is my first attempt at parody. I'm not sure how well this works, but I had fun with it anyway. For me, this crossover was inevitable. Finally we get an answer to some questions ;)
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TITLE: Hairpin<~~~ click to read
AUTHOR: Patrick Murray EMAIL:
DISCLAIMER: JAG characters belong to Bellisarius Productions and come from the genius mind of Donald P. Bellisario. yada X-Files characters come from the twisted mind of Chris Carter and 1013 Productions. yada yada The character of Suzy Rose comes from me (with permission of someone on the JAG list- you know who you are.) yada yada yada. The reason for this legal-ese? I look bad in a lawsuit!
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TITLE: Unisex Bathrooms and Teenage Vampires<~~~ click to read
Okay, the classification is CRH, Keywords are MSR, Rating is PG,....... I don't have to put a disclaimer, do I? =)
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TITLE: Fate<~~~ click to read
Author : Christina Ortega E-mail : rkacat@AOL.COM
Disclaimers~ All X-Files characters belong to their portrayers, and The X-Files belongs to Chris Carter, 1013 Productions, and FOX. Power Rangers characters belong to their portrayers and Haim Saban. I don't use the storyline from PR at all, but you'll see that in the story. Anything taken from Titanic is taken from James Cameron without permission. Please, I don't want to be sued. I'm not writing this for any profit; it's just a symbol of how much I like the X-Files, how much I used to like Power Rangers, and how much I LOVED Titanic. Rating and Archiving~ R for violence, descriptions of death, language, and weird relationships *Mostly PG* Please, do archive this. I love you all *blowing kisses* Author's Note~ I've seen TOO MUCH TITANIC! So, I decided to write this :-) It is my second attempt at an X-Files/Power Rangers crossover, but this time I'm using a different approach: The Power Rangers were never power rangers. I just used the characters, not the plot. Let's see how it goes. Time Line~ PR: never, but age wise, it would be the Turbo Ranger series after the graduation. For XF...after cancer before Emily. `Nuff said. Summary~ Fate is so powerful that it can draw eight young adults together as they were destined to be. It's a force that can bring the best and the worst out of two FBI agents, their AD, and a familiar adversary. Fate is powerful enough to sink the largest ship ever, and, most impressive, fate is able to decide who lives, who loves, and who dies.
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