Dana Scully


Name :Dana Katherine Scully
Position : Special Agent, DOJ, Federal Bureau of Investigation
Currently Assigned : The X Files
FBI ID # : 2317-616
Contact #s : (Home) 202-555-6431
(Cellular) 202-555-3564
Weapon : Smith and Wesson 1056 (9mm Rounds)

DOB : February 23, 1964
Height : 5'3"
Hair : RedBR> Eyes :Green
Marital Status : Single/Never Married/No Dependants
Parents : Father - Captain Jim Scully (deceased). Captain, United States Navy. Served in Cuban Missile Crisis, 1961. Died December 1993
Mother - Margaret Scully
Siblings : Two brothers (one older, one younger) are both unremarkable. Older sister, Melissa (deceased) was known to entertain certain "New Age" philosophies.
In Case Of Emergency : Notify - Margaret Scully (mother). Religious Affiliation - Roman Catholic (N.B. A Living Will is on file.)

EDUCATION : Agent Scully completed an undergraduate degree in Physics from the University of Maryland before completing a medical degree.

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