Kristen Kilar was played by Perrey Reeves, David Duchovny's at the time girlfriend.

The dog in "Ice" was played by Blue's father. (Blue is David Duchovny's dog)
Mulder is Chris Carter's Mother's maiden name.
Nicholas Lea was dating Melinda McGraw during the filming of "The Blessing Way", the episode where Alex Krycek (Lea) shoots Melissa Scully (McGraw).
Doug Hutchinson, who plays liver-eating Tooms in Squeeze is actually a vegetarian
The address in Samantha Mulder's file (2790 Vine Street) is the former address of The X Files production office in Vancouver.
The average cost of filming an episode of The X Files is $1.2 million.
The hair stylist who turned Gillian Anderson's long,blond hair into its present smooth titian bob was acknowledged on-screen when the British MP in Season One's Fire was given his name : Malcolm Marsden.
Q. What's different that appears at the opening credits on the "Anasazi" episode?
A. The words "EI AANEIIGOO AHOOT'E", which translates into "The Truth Is Out There" in Navajo.

Andrew Johnson, who portayed the mind-altered Colonel Robert Budahas in Deep Throat (Series One), returned in Colony as Agent Barry Weiss.
Can you name any other actors who appeared in different episodes as different characters?

Answers so far...

Darin Morgan - The Host (Flukeman) and Small Potatoes (Eddie Van Blundht)

Gordon Baines - Our Town (staff physician) and Young At Heart (Dr. Ridley)

Nicholas Lea - Genderbender (Michael) and Sleepless (Alex Krycek)

Alex Diakun - Humbug (Curator), Jose Chung's "From Outer Space" (Dr Fingers) and Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose (Tarot Dealer)

Peter Lacroix - Ascension (Dwight), EBE (Ranheim/Frank Druce) and Unrequited (Nathaniel Teager)

Barry W Levy - Apocrypha (Navy Doctor) and Gethsemane (Dr Vitagliano) also Redux

John Piper Ferguson - F. Emascula (Torrence) and Christmas Carol (Det. Kresge) also Emily.

Chris Owens - Musings of a CSM (Yound CSM), Demons (Young CSM), Post Modern Prometheus (The Great Mutato), Agent Jeffrey Spender (Patient X/The Red and The Black/The End)

Name unknown - Red Museum(Beth Cane), Nisei/Momento Mori - Penny Northern

Name unknown - He was in the episode where frogs fell from the sky and he also played the sheriff or whatever in Chinga. I think that's it. Sorry for the lack of concrete info. :)

Name unknown - Coroner in "3" and Dr. Ivanov in "War of the coprophages"

Name unknown - "Die Hand Die Verletzt" as Mrs. Paddock and "Post Modern Prometheus" as the mad doctors wife.

What was the password to the database in Momento Mori?

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Do you know any X Files trivia?