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In the spotlight...
As A Team

As A Team
By Lauren Newby
(This was written before TXF:FTF with the movie in mind, FYI)

I saw you, once upon a time
As a rebel without a cause
Now I've come to know
Through us, through life
Your cause is mine
And a rebel you no longer are
Because as a team
Two against them becomes a war

Now they fight and struggle to stop us
But we are an unstoppable force
Rushing to the light
To expose the life we live as a lie

Fantasy is now real
And movie monsters are classified
Terrors emerge from under the bed
And bugs are in the phones

Don't fear tomorrow, no matter how bad it seems
Now we are a force together
To make nightmares out of their dreams
Life will still run on, babies will still cry
For we walk on the sidelines, out of public view
They now cannot hide
And the truth will soon be free
For now we fight the future
And protect tomorrow's dream

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