Agent Scully and her Apartment

Agent Scully

Scully's apartment

Name :Dana Katherine Scully

Position : Special Agent, DOJ, Federal Bureau of Investigation

Currently Assigned : The X Files

FBI ID # : 2317-616

Contact #s : (Home) 202-555-6431

(Cellular) 202-555-3564

Weapon : Smith and Wesson 1056 (9mm Rounds)

DOB : February 23, 1964

Height : 5'3"

Hair : RedBR> Eyes :Green

Marital Status : Single/Never Married/No Dependants

Parents : Father - Captain Jim Scully (deceased). Captain, United States Navy. Served in Cuban Missile Crisis, 1961. Died December 1993

Mother - Margaret Scully

Siblings : Two brothers (one older, one younger) are both unremarkable. Older sister, Melissa (deceased) was known to entertain certain "New Age" philosophies.

In Case Of Emergency : Notify - Margaret Scully (mother). Religious Affiliation - Roman Catholic (N.B. A Living Will is on file.)

EDUCATION : Agent Scully completed an undergraduate degree in Physics from the University of Maryland before completing a medical degree.

7) Mulder did end up in Scully's bed once, although the circumstances in Anasazi weren't what romantic viewers might have wished for. 8) Scully gave Tooms the opportunity to admire her antique tub when she handcuffed him to it in Squeeze. 9)Abrose Chapel made himself pretty cozy here in Colony. 10) Duana Barry seemed to have a problem with doors. He came through this window in Duane Barry.