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Disclaimer: Mulder and Scully aren't mine, I'm just borrowing them for awhile. I'll return them, I promise. They belong to TenThirteen Productions, Chris Carter, Gillian Anderson, and the yummy David Duchovny. Category: MSR. That's really the only category I know, so let me know if it falls in somewhere else. Spoilers: None really. I haven't seen enough episodes. Timeline: I have it after the season five finale. Imagine that the X-Files have been closed down, and Scully is being transferred. Rating: PG-13 at best. One bad word, and sex is implied, but you have to imagine anything beyond a kiss. Of course, if someone wanted to write such a scene to stick in here, I'd probably work it in. Author's note: This is my very first X-Files story, so I apologize if I've managed to destroy these characters in just a few, short pages. Please, Please, PLEASE send me feedback. I live for it. Even if you have nothing good to say, just let me know you read it. And if you have any suggestions about how to make this better, please let me know!! Can you tell I'm desperate for mail? LOL Also let me know if you think there should be a sequel. My address is