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I Have No One
Rating: PG. Title: I Have No One Author: Erin M. Blair E-Mail: eblair@sonic.net Classification: SRA--Story, Romance, Angst Content: Mulder/Scully Romance. Alternate universe. Character Death. Spoiler: Gethesmane. One Breath. Rating: PG Archive: Anywhere, especially at Gossamer and various fanfic archive. However, I would like to know where this story is going so I can visit it. Disclaimer: The characters of Fox Mulder, Samantha Mulder, and Dana Scully aren't mine as they belong to Chris Carter, 1013 Productions, and the FOX network. Author's Note: This was going to be my last story that I will ever write as I had received a negative e-mail saying that I should quit and stop writing X-Files Fanfic. I have since changed my mind. In order for me to become a better writer, I'm going to continue writing. For some words like realize/realise, I tend to use the British spelling. This is a sequel to "Without My Soul" but it is not necessary to read it to understand this story. In the alternate universe, Dana Scully had lost her partner, Fox Mulder, when he shot himself. A year has passed by, she runs into a familiar person. One more thing, this is a MSR and NoRomos have been warned! FYI, this is a character death story but it ends happy. I promise. =) Special Thanks: To my new beta reading team who helped me with this story. You know who you are. =) Dedication: To Kim, Lauren, Amy F., Shaina, and Liz, who gave me support. Also, to Gillian Anderson, who gave Dana Scully a soul in the television series as well as the movie. Feedback: Most welcomed and appreciated. Since I have a problem with grammar, I am looking for feedback which will help me to become a better writer. Summary: Scully runs into someone familiar at a bar after visiting Mulder's grave.
I lay down the roses at your grave. I still can't believe
that it has been a year since you died. Why did you leave
me? You were my best friend. My confidante.

Never to be my lover.

I had always loved you, Mulder. Although I am not your soulmate
like Melissa Riedal-Ephesian is, you are my soulmate. We have a
connection that transcends time and distance. I feel you near me.
I don't know why.

How come I feel as though you are close to me? You are gone. I
shouldn't feel this way.

You were not my soulmate.

You were my best friend.

I imagined your voice as I felt you near me. "Did
you receive my letter?"

"I received your goodbye letter of where you
revealed how much you loved me," I whispered. "The
truth is that I love you." I paused for a moment,
and took a deep breath. "That's not the reason
why I am here. Assistant Director Skinner
called me in his office today, and he told
me that I was being transferred from
Quantico to an unknown divison. He didn't tell
me which one. I assume that it's some forensic
department in one of the sections. He told me that
I was needed there because someone had died. I am
to fill that position, whatever that is. Skinner
also told me that I will get a new partner. I
don't want a new partner, Mulder. I want
to be alone."

I know that I will always will be alone. I have
no one.

Sure, I have my family and friends. However, that's
not the same, though, because you are not here.

Several feet away from you, I saw a man standing near
a grave. I could see him touching the lettering
with his finger. His body actions spoke volumes
of how much he loved her.

I wish I had a someone who loved me like he
obviously loved the woman who died.

I feel so ashamed to view grief like that. I had
never done that before. I have to go.

I walked into the bar.  I felt the need to come
in here. It's a place where you and I used to go
after a case. I saw a man sitting at the bar stirring
his vodka. I couldn't see his face but he looks like
he needed cheering up. "You don't mind if I sit here?"

"No," he replied. "I'm feeling very lost in the world
and I have no one."

I know the feeling. Somehow, I felt something for
him. I don't know how, but I do.

"Sounds like my day. I found out that I was
transferred to an unknown divison."

I hope that it's not the X-Files.

"FBI?" he asked.

"Yes," I replied. What's it to you?

I still didn't look at him.

I *didn't want* to look at him.

I didn't want to be reminded of what could have been
with Mulder.

"What did you do before you found out that you
transferred?" he asked.

He seemed to be interested in me for some
unknown reason.

"I taught forensic medicine at Quantico," I replied,
as I sipped my soda. Although, I wasn't looking
at him. Out of the corner of my blue-green eyes, I
caught some of his brown hair. "They said that I
am needed in this divison."

"Why?" he asked.

"That's all they said," I answered. "Look, you have
sounded like someone died. Who was she?"

"How do you know the person is a she?"

"Usually, when a man comes in looking like the world
has come crashing down, it usually involves a woman,"
I replied. "What happened?"

I could hear a pause as he was trying to find the
words to express himself.

"My sister, Samantha, lost her partner a couple
of weeks ago."

"How? Was she transferred?" I asked.

"No. She was killed," he answered.

"How?" I asked. I was shocked. It must have
been terrible.

"She was abducted by this insane mental patient, Duane Barry,
who believed that giving her to *them* would stop his
abductions. She was returned, but she was in a coma. Her
sister, Melissa, thought she wanted to die. She felt that
she had no one, and died," he replied. "I wished that I
told her how much I loved her. I felt as though I have
no one to love..."

I know the feeling. I have no one to love. I don't want anyone.
I am not going to let you in.

"That's not true," I replied. "You have your family and your
work. You have your whole life in front of you. I don't think
that her family could take an another death if you kill yourself."
I paused. "I know what it's like to lose someone you love."

"You do?"

"My partner killed himself," I replied. "It was before I
taught at Quantico. He was watching television at his apartment
when he shot himself in the head."

"Why?" he asked. "Was he stupid?"

"No, no. He was intelligent, funny, and he cared a great deal
about me. I think that he loved me deep down, but he never
told me except in his goodbye letter. He lost his belief
in the paranormal. His sister was abducted by aliens
when he was twelve. She was eight. He lost his whole outlook
on his life, and he felt that he couldn't go on anymore," I
replied. "Somehow, I moved on." I paused. "I loved him."

"I loved her too," he replied. I could tell that he was
touched that I had a similar experience than himself. "Do
you believe that he is your soulmate??"

Mulder was not my soulmate. In his farewell letter, he wrote
me that I am his soulmate, not Melissa Ephesian. He wanted to
be with me always.

I don't want to believe nor care anymore.

"Does it matter?" I asked. I know I sounded hurt. I know that
I had a deep painful experience that I wanted to share. "Was
she your soulmate?"

"Yes," he replied. I know that he wanted to know why I
believed that Mulder wasn't my true soulmate. "Why do
you believe that? Any man would want you to be his soulmate."

"I found out that he wasn't mine. His soulmate is the woman
who was a member of a religious group who killed themselves.
Her name was Melissa Riedal-Ephesian," I answered. "I thought
that we were the true soulmates. We had suffered so many things

"Maybe Melissa was lying?" he suggested.

"No, she wasn't lying. I found a picture of their lives from
the regression," I replied.

"That doesn't mean that he is her soulmate. She probably had
seen the photo and believed he was," he replied. "How did that
make you feel?"

"Why so many questions?" I wondered. Why was he trying to
get to know me? I want to close my heart off. Love isn't for
me. I have to realise that. I wanted him to leave me
alone, but something or someone was trying to tell me to stay.

"It's the profiler in me talking," he replied. "I am sorry."

"That's all right. I was just curious. I was hurt. I felt
like I had no one to love either. In his past lives, I was
his father. I was his captain."

"Sounds like he put you up on his pedestal. That's denial
of his true feelings," he replied.

"Maybe. I don't know. I felt that I had no one to love,
but I don't think that I want to kill myself. I love life
so much," I answered.

"That's true. Like you told me, you have your family..."

"What's left of them anyway," I sighed. "My sister was
murdered by a bullet that was meant for me. My father died
of a heart attack..."

"Sorry to hear that," he replied sympathetically.  "What's
your name?"


"That was her name," he sighed.

"I am sorry," I replied. "What's yours?"

"Fox. Actually, for awhile, I was calling myself David for
awhile until I faced the fact that I was really Fox. You
see, I was abducted by aliens. My sister, Samantha, searched
for me until I showed up."

"My partner's name was Fox," I whispered.

This time we both looked at each other for the first time.
"Dana," Fox whispered. He gazed into my eyes taking in every
detail about me. My shoulder-length auburn hair and my
blue-green eyes. His hazel eyes, once wore a sorrowful
expression, turned into happiness. All of this because
because he knew that I am his. "Is this a dream?"

This wasn't a dream. This was all too real. He was really
here. I am really here as well. Somehow, we had met each
other again.

"If it was, wouldn't we be in bed?" I asked.  "I know it is
not a dream. It is real." I paused. "Your name is really Fox

He nodded. "Last time I checked, it was. That's what my sister
told me." He paused. "And you are Dana Katherine Scully?"

I smiled. "Last time I checked, I was and am." I paused,
thinking of the other Dana Scully. "I'm not dead. I am
sorry that Dana had died though. I would never die on
you like that..." I wanted him to know that I will always
be there

"I know," he replied.

I reached for his hand and grabbed it. I gave him a caring
squeeze. To show him how much I care.

He looked up at me with love in his eyes. The joyful
expression was unmistakable. "Melissa told me that
there was a Dana Scully out there for me. She was right."

"My sister is alive?" I asked.

"Yes," he replied. "I wanted to believe, and here you are."

"Here I am," I smiled. "You are not alone anymore, Fox.
You have me. Forever."

I believed that we should be together. I know I do.

And I am right.

We are not alone anymore. We have each other. I had found
someone who loves me as much as I love her.

"I have you forever," he replied. "Dana, you are my
soulmate. I think that this proves that we are the true
soulmates." He paused. "Mulder may have been soulmates
with Melissa Ephesian. That's possible. I *know* she isn't
mine. You are mine." He paused. "Please believe me."

He is right. We are soulmates. How could I explain of
how we met again?

"I believe," I murmured.

And I do.

End of Story
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