Out There

This account may seem an unusual one to be submitted to a site based on a TV Show about the paranormal, and in which one of the main characters believes so deeply in the paranormal, but I believe that it is important not to believe to readily and to question everything before deciding on it's value. In short, I am trying to convince people that it is very easy to believe you have had a paranormal experience, when in fact it could have been easily explained.

I was sitting in my bedroom one night, it was dark, both inside my bedroom, as I had no lights on, and also outside as it was the middle of winter. The time was about 1:30am, I was tired and so it is understandable that at first I was shocked when this occured. I was just about to go to sleep when I decided to pull back my curtain in order to see my clock, placed on my window ledge. As I did so, I noticed a bright light in the sky. It appeared to be primarily a white light, which flashed at regular intervals, although I could also see specks of red and blue, also flashing. I watched this light move back and forth accross the night sky for several minutes, amazed as I was convinced this was a UFO, or some other strange, unusual object. I then decided to pull back the net curtain around my window, in order to get a better view of the object. As soon as I had done this I realised that the object was in fact a search helicopter, the white light was it's search beam and the red and blue lights were attatched to the top and sides of hte helicopter. I must admit to being slightly disappointed on discovering this, being an avid fan of the X-Files I would have loved to have a real paranormal experience to tell others about.

Anyway, the moral of my story is that it is never possible to be certain about anything, if I had not pulled back that curtain, I would be convinced to this day that I had seen a UFO.

By the Way, I still do believe in the existence of UFO's and extra terrestials and I believe many other accounts of such encounters that I have read.


I was working in the basement sucking out water from a flood when I decided to go outside then a a ball of light flashed around and i tried to follow it but it was hard.
I could have been something of the paranormal or I came up with a explanation I think it was my glasses reflecting the street light but i have never had that happen before.
Very strange

Daniel Smith

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