Newby, Lauren

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Foolish Games by Lauren Newby and Melissa Persia :
Catagory-SRA. Rating- PG. Summary-After Gethsemane, Scully deals with Mulder's death, Mrs. Scully deals with resentment, the Black Cancer is tested and Mulder ponders his life's choices... Spoilers- Everything up to and including Gesemine

Give Me Your Absence by Lauren Newby and Melissa Persia :
Rating - oh, maybe G, nothing bad at all. Spoilers - Up to and including Emily; takes place right after the last scene of that episode.

Something Far More Great (added 2nd August) :
Rating - PG. Category - S,R,A, MSR. Spoilers - Post Memento Mori & everything before it's fair game. Keywords -Mulder/Scully romance. Summary -A continuation of the last scene in Memento Mori, our dynamic duo decides it's time to talk . . . Archive- TO GOSSAMER PLEASE! ANYWHERE ELSE PLEASE ASK! (I almost never say no) Authors Notes- Well, This is almost 6 months old, and I wrote it for Melissa based on her poem. I know, I should be working on Folish Games II, but I'm a little stuck, so forgive me. Enjoy, send feedback, all that kinda good stuff. Thanks to Anu, Carol, Kristen, & esp. Melissa for all your help & encouragement! You guys rule!