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Words Are Very Unnecessary (added 30th August) :
Date: July 1998 Category: S; R, A Rating: PG-13 Keywords: Scully/other romance; Mulder/Scully UST then Romance. Spoilers: Up to Season 5, before 'The End'. Archive: Archive anywhere, as long as you keep my name attach. Please let me know. Summary: A badly injured Mulder has to rethink his life, now that Scully takes care of him. A strongly confused Scully has to rethink her life, now that Mulder has become dependent on her. Dedication: This is for all the great FanFic authors out there (the Lydias, Leylas and Paulas...) for opening the X-Files world to extreme possibilities. To Barbara, who will remember our Fridays then Sundays eating popcorn and caramel & apple lollipops while watching the best show on television. Feedback: Please, feel free to drop me a line. Nice comments and even flames will be appreciated; I believe in constructive criticism and I'm very open to any suggestion. Comments: Be indulgent on this, as this is my first FanFic ever, as well as my first project in English, apart from College of course. English is a second language to me (I'm French) but I tried my best no to massacre this extraordinary language. I'm sure similar stories have already been written so I attempted to give it some style if not too much originality... Thanks to Mariela my proof reader and Jennifer my fantastic editor. With their help, this revised edition should be mistake-free so I will take credit for any error found.