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<FONT COLOR="#00FF40"><FONT SIZE=-1>This <A HREF="">Writers Advice Webring</A> site is owned by:__your name__ </FONT></FONT></P></CENTER> <CENTER><P><FONT COLOR="#00FF40"><FONT SIZE=-1><A HREF="">Carol</A> </FONT></FONT></P></CENTER> <CENTER><P><FONT COLOR="#00FF40"><FONT SIZE=-1> [ <A HREF=";id=__your ID__;prev">Prev</A> | <A HREF=";id=__your ID__;next">Next Page</A> | <A HREF=";id=__your ID__;skip">Skip It</A> | <A HREF=";id=__your ID__;next5">Next 5</A> | <A HREF=";id=__your ID__;random">Rando m</A> ] </FONT></FONT></P></CENTER> <CENTER><P><FONT COLOR="#00FF40"><FONT SIZE=-1>Want to join the ring? Get the <A HREF="">info</A>. </FONT></FONT></P></CENTER> <CENTER><P><FONT COLOR="#00FF40"><FONT SIZE=-1>Or You Can Contact The Ring Master At</FONT></FONT></P></CENTER> <CENTER><P><FONT SIZE=-1><A HREF=""></A> </FONT></P></CENTER> </TD> <TD BGCOLOR="#000000"><IMG SRC="" WIDTH=100 HEIGHT=140></TD> </TR> </TABLE></CENTER> <CENTER><P><BR> </P></CENTER> <!-- Writers Advice Ring Version End --><HR> </BODY> </HTML>