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The Meeting Place (updated 23rd June) :
SPOILERS: Chinga, 3, Fire, Duane Barry. RATING: PG. CLASSIFICATION: SR. ARCHIVE: Go ahead and archive, just keep my name and email address with it. SUMMARY: Mulder grows bored one night and finds some company in a chat room.
Writer’s Notes: I got an idea and wrote this. Hope you like what resulted. :-)

Gift Shopping (added 17th June) :
SPOILERS: Redux/Redux II, Emily.RATING: PG. ARCHIVE: Go ahead and archive it, just keep my name on it and tell me where you put it. CLASSIFICATION: S. SUMMARY: Mulder goes shopping for the perfect Christmas gift for Scully.
Writer's notes: I know that Christmas is more than 6 months away, but I was thinking about Christmas one day when I was watching my tape of Christmas Carol and Emily and just got the inspiration to write this story. I hope you like. :-) Dedication: To my fellow online X-Phile, Lauren. I got this idea while talking to her. :-)