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I'm sure I don't need to ask if you've been to see Fight The Future yet ..
but what did you think of it? Now's the time to voice your opinion ...

Here's Izy's view
I feel that the movie started a bit slow (the part about the bomb in the building) and quite err.. dare I say this.. boring. Things started to perk up only at and after the part where Scully was taken away and Mulder got shot in the head. THAT shocked me! And I started to have questions in my mind -- just like the good old times when the X-Files was on TV -- watching with questions in my mind. It's what I love about the show: that it's so intriguing and smart and not simple to understand. Hehe, hope this doesn't sound too silly. :). The "kiss" was so like CC -- I mean, making it just a near miss -- doesn't CC love to tease us so? :). And the end was PERFECT. All in all, I love the movie after I've seen the whole thing. But I wouldn't think my non-xphile companions beside me felt the same.
This is my sincere view. Thanks.

ps: actually, I have a lot more to say. I'm sorry that I can't fit them all in. This is my first time actually taking part in a discussion about the xfiles with my own kind (other xphiles). Hope I'll learn to present my thoughts in a more concise and interesting manner soon. Gee.. I really, really wanna say more...

Now for Steve Kong's view :
The X-Files: Fight The Future is a two hour-long big budget episode of the TV series. It is exciting to see Duchovny and Anderson together on the big screen. The movie itself serves its purpose well: it satisfies the die-hard X-Philes and acts as a good introduction and thriller for the casual viewers. I do feel that the casual watchers will get more satisfaction out of the film, though. Carter promised a lot when he promoted the film ("The truth is revealed") and there are still a lot of remaining questions, but that doesn't bother me because there's a sixth season of The X-Files right around the corner. The film serves to reinvigorate the series and to revitalize the story line. It also serves to introduce new viewers to some of the intriguing stories that are in The X-Files universe. Thank you, Chris Carter for putting out a wonderful movie that extends the small screen X-Files to the big screen. Don't Miss The X-Files!
Now Shana's view...
I thought of course, that the movie was more like a big episode. I was a little disappointed because Chris Carter was promising to reveal the "truths" But, that doesn't go to show that I disliked the film, in fact I absolutely loved it!!! It was the best movie of the summer...the "almost kiss" was so like Carter to do, I knew that it wouldn't happen..but the fact that he has taken a step in their relationship absolutely thrills me, considering that I'm a die hard shipper for Mulder and Scully....Two thumbs up, easily, in my book.
Now from Lester's point of view...
The movie did shed some light on many plotlines and hinted to many details from past episodes. I was kind of confused as to where Krycek was since he had allied with the Syndicate in the season finale, and he wasn't even mentioned in the movie. The movie was enjoyable to those unfamiliar with the mythology, although confusing. As an X-phile, I was dissapointed I never saw Krycek, The Alien Bounty Hunter, Agent Spender, the faceless firestarters, or any other characters from plotlines left open. I guess Chris Carter wanted to leave some for season six. The kiss interrupted by the bee was kind of hard to swallow (She had a bee in her collar for HOW long?) but what concerns me now is Mulder and Scully's relationship. I hear they kiss in season six's premiere. I was quite content with the sexual tension between them unresolved. I hope Chris keeps the characters in character, and the show doesn't go downhill from the fans getting what they wanted and becoming bored. The X-fi! les has been doing a lot of risk taking lately, which I respect, but the show is about the paranormal, and not a who's with who kind of show, if I wanted that I could watch just about every other show out there. Let the stories drive the characters, not vice versa. My favorite character died(?) in the movie: The Well Manicured Man! No! Ugh! Or did he? Was Mulder's new informant in the trunk or not? A lot of new questions to be answered. If they did kill WMM, big mistake. The CSM is a great character, but he really shines in contrast to a character with morals, dapper men like the WMM, or Deep Throat, which they also killed. John Neville was gold. The best line in the mocie: "Maybe they're Giant Jiffy Poppers." I love Mulder's one-liners! Poor Skinner and First Elder got little time in the movie. And what the @#$% was the guy from Millenium doing in the movie?!
So what did YOU think of Fight The Future??




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