Foolish Games

End Disclaimer- 
If you've gotten this far... I luv you for reading this! 
Please, let us know what you think! Mel and i love the
wonderful comments we've been getting! Again, for any
archivest who would like to post this in larger parts or as
a whole, please mail me and I will send it to you in the
form you would like. The reference to "Captain's Chair" is
from a Paula Graves series and is used, lovingly, without
permission. A.J. Hammer & Robin Dorian belong to themselves
and are real VJ's for VH1. VH1 belongs to whoever owns it
and no infringement is intended. To my knowledge there has never been a "Top 100 Theme Songs
from Hollywood." I made it up along with the video's #20
placement. Madonna belongs to herself, thankfully, and I
believe the song "I'll Remember" is hers, too. It's from
the movie With Honors. I winged it on the words so please
excuse any errors. The song "The Freshmen" belongs to the
group The Verve Pipe. They belong to themselves. This
story's namesake song "Foolish Games" is off of Jewel's CD
PIECES OF YOU. The version in the story is off of the
album and not the video. (They have slightly different
acoustics.) Jewel belongs to herself. I made up the
MagiCan, but I believe there is a real product with a
similar name. No infringements of any copyrights held
on that product are intended. Silk Stalkings is a real TV
show that actually changed its lead characters in the way
I described. It airs on the USA network.
As in all of the above, no infringement is intended on
any of the products, songs, people, shows, or anything else
in my story. All is used lovingly and returned in mint
All Done, Bye Now!

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