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Blair, Erin M.
Leaving My Love (added 10th July) :
Classification: VRA--Story, Romance, Angst Content: Mulder/Scully Romance. Scully POV.
Spoiler: X-Files Fight The Future Movie. Small
Spoilers for: The End, Duane Barry, One Breath.
Rating: PG.Archive: Anywhere, especially Gossamer and any MSR archive. Please let me know where the story is going so I can visit it. =) Please forward to ATXC and to Gossamer. Author's Note: This is a standalone story regarding Scully's thoughts on leaving Mulder and the FBI. After seeing the movie for my ninth (and final) time at the movie theater, I thought that I would write this story. Don't worry, this is not my last movie fan fiction as I wrote notes for future fan fiction and I also have the novelization of the movie for reference. =) This story is *not* part of any series. Dedication: To Gillian Anderson, who brings the role of Dana Scully to life. And to Kim and Ingrid, who gave me support. Thanks! =) Summary: Scully reflects after the OPR meeting, and her conversation with Mulder. Missing Scene.

Returning The Cross (added 4th July) :
Classification: VRA--Vignette, Romance, Angst. Content: Mulder/Scully Romance. Scully POV.
Spoiler: X-Files Fight The Future Movie. One Breath. Pilot.
Rating: PG. Archive: Archive anywhere, especially to any MSR and Movie archieves. I will be sending this to Gossamer. Please forward to ATXC.
Author's Note: This vignette is not part of any series. This is just a stand alone vignette about Mulder returning Scully's cross which I thought should have been in the movie.
Summary: Scully receives her cross from Mulder. Missing scene from the movie.

Missing Time (added 10th July) :
Classification: SRA-Story, Romance, Angst Content: Mulder/Scully Married Archive: Archive anywhere. Please forward to ATXC. However, please let me know where this story is going so I can visit it.
Spoilers: Pilot, The Host, Duane Barry, One Breath, Memento Mori, Redux, Redux 11, and X-Files Fight The Future movie.
Rating: PG.Author's Notes: I was reading a great story by Penny Daza called "I Had Known A Boy Named Fox And A Man Named Mulder" which inspired me to write this story about Dana Scully-Mulder's going back through a time before she had met Mulder, and Mulder has to help his wife this time. In this universe, Melissa Scully is alive. =) And Samantha has been returned. This story is in the "Discovery" Series universe but its not part of the series. Special Thanks: To Kim, who inspired me to write this story. And to Ingrid, who helped me with this story. Feedback: Much appreciated.Summary: Scully suffers through "missing time"--which results in loss of several years and amnesia. Mulder must help Scully get her memories back. Will their love prevail?

The Red And The Black (added 15th July) :
Classification: VRH--Vignette, Romance, Humor. Content: Mulder/Scully Romance.
Spoiler: The Red and the Black, Fire.
Rating: G. Archive: Archive anywhere, especially to Gossamer and any fanfic archive. Please forward to ATXC. However, I would like to know where this story is going so I can visit it. =)
Author's Note: This short vignette about the discussion of various Eponines actually happened to me and there is a song entitled "Red and Black" on the Les Miserables' cast recordings. I thought that it would be interesting for Mulder and Scully to see Les Mis. =) Summary: Mulder has a new obsession, and he decides to take Scully to see Les Miserables for their first date.

Trilogy I : The Meeting (added 17th July) :
Classification: VRA--Vignette, Romance, Angst Content: Pre-XF. Mulder/Scully Romance. Scully POV. Ringfic.
Spoiler: Pilot, Travelers.
Rating: PG Archive: Archive anywhere, especially at Gossamer and other MSR/Pre-XF archives. Please let me know where this story is going so I can visit it. =)Author's Note: Trilogy are short little vignettes about the romance of Dana Scully and Fox Mulder before the Pilot episode and after.. It comes in three parts: The Meeting, The Engagement, and The Announcement. I had always believed that Mulder and Scully knew each other before they had met, and I had read several good ones like "Pre-History" by Amy Schatz which I loved. With encouragement from Kim, I am finishing up the vignettes. Feedback: Much welcomed and appreciative. Summary: Mulder and Scully meet each other before that official meeting in 1992.