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Q1: Which episode of The X Files has Chris Carter appeared in?
A : Anasazi

Q2: When did Mulder and Scully first meet?
A : March 6th, 1992

Q3: In which episode did Mulder first fire his gun?
A : Conduit

Q4: In which episode did Scully first fire her gun?
A : Ghost In The Machine

Q5: What are David Duchovny's favourite episodes?
A : Duane Barry and One Breath

Q6: What are Gillian Anderson's favourite episodes?
A : Beyond The Sea and Irresistable

Q7: What did David Duchovny wear for the audition of Mulder?
A : A tie with pink pigs on it

Q8: What board game was Mulder playing with Samantha before she was abducted?
A : Stratego

Q9: What is Dana Scully's own X-File number?
A : X73317

Q10: What was the name of Dana Scully's one and only date?
A : Rob (Jersey Devil), also Ed.

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