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Welcome to THE X-PHILES!
This is a brand new site for all fans of The X Files.
To make this site work, I need able and willing x-philes to write their own episodes of the show, along with anything else to do with the X Files ... how about some reviews, pictures, real-life UFO experiences etc.
If you are willing to contribute, please e-mail me NOW or leave a message in my guestbook and I'll get back to you!!
Check out the latest addition ... Foolish Games by Lauren Newby & Melissa Persia!

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Remember - the truth is out there!


  • FOOLISH GAMES Catagory-SRA Rating- PG Summary-After Gethsemane, Scully deals with Mulder's death, Mrs. Scully deals with resentment, the Black Cancer is tested and Mulder ponders his life's choices... Spoilers- Everything up to and including Gesemine
  • GIVE ME YOUR ABSENCE Rating - oh, maybe G, nothing bad at all.
  • Spoilers - Up to and including Emily; takes place right after the last scene of that episode.
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